"I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you"

- john smith

22, United States, Female.
My personal blog featuring the interests, likes, and struggles of my daily life.

i think i’m worth boatloads more than the way i’m being treated today and last night.

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Is it crazy to feel never good enough and never perfect enough
There’s always something wrong and I can never be how I know perfection is
Why do I feel this need … I drive myself insane with fury most nights.

7 Tools to Increase your Happiness

1. Be proactive and go for what you want.
2. Go for novelty and try something new.
3. Cut yourself, and other people, some slack.
4. Look for, and think about, the good in other people.
5. Opt for kindness and tenderness.
6. Be spontaneous, and please yourself sometimes.
7. Make time to relax – to laugh, and have some fun.


See the booty. Touch the booty. Be the booty.